For Developers

When you need to compile ecell4_base by yourself

Please refer to

pip install install

Releasing ecell4


  1. Update ecell4_base version in

  2. Git tag push v*.*.* to ecell4_base. GitHub Actions automatically create the new release. You do NOT need to create the release by yourself.

  3. Write release note based on the pull requests.


  1. Update cmake and gsl versions in with the latest conda-forge

  2. Update boost version in with the latest conda-forge

  3. Check pip install THE_CIRCLECI_ARTIFACT_PYTHONWHEEL in Google Colab

  4. twine upload the manylinux wheel


  1. Sync with upstream.

  2. Create new branch to and checkout it.

  3. Update meta.yaml - version - build:number: to 0. - sha256 checksum

  4. Rerender feedstocks.

  5. Send pull request to

How to release ecell4 (not ecell4_base)


  1. Update version in

  2. Create release with GitHub releases


  1. pip install twine

  2. python sdist

  3. twine upload dist/*